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All Natural Fly Spray

More than just a fly spray!

You're enjoying the spring sunshine and the great riding weather, but you know that those pesky flies are around the corner. You want to protect your horse with a fly spray, but don't want the chemicals that most fly sprays contain. And you want something that actually works!

You want an all natural fly spray that not only protects your horse from flies, but has other natural ingredients that will enhance your horse's health and coat without drying chemical effects.

An all natural fly spray that contains citronella as well as rosemary oil enhances the effectiveness of a fly spray repellant. Aloe vera and tea tree oil will help heal those bumps, scrapes and bruises that most horses seem to attract. Lanolin in a fly spray will keep your horse's coat moisturized. Lanolin is a key ingredient to prevent drying from sun damage or excessive use of chemicals and to keep it conditioned with that soft, silky feel.

If you're anything like me (and most horse people), your horse's health is important to you. I love my horses, and I don't put anything on them, that I wouldn't put on myself. I found that using an all natural fly spray helped their overall health as it reduced the amount of chemicals we both inhaled (and the number of chemicals you put on them) while trying to keep the flies under control. The skin is the biggest organ of the body (both yours and his) and whatever you put ON him, also goes IN him through his skin.

When I used some of the chemical fly sprays, my beautiful dark bay mare ended up looking like an over-processed dye job from a bad hairdresser! Yuck! Her coat was dry, dull and brittle, and, instead of being a rich brown, she was a bleached out blonde with orange-red in spots. It was ugly!

I found that feeding 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar each day in their grain, helped to repel flies. After it builds up in their system, it releases a certain odor (not a tangible smell) that repels flies. This is something that I usually start in the early spring, before fly season is upon us, so that it has time to build up in their system.

Just a gentle reminder not to spray anything around your horse's head or in his face. For head and face protection, spray a damp sponge or cloth with fly spray and gently wipe.

Providing your horses with the best horse care by using an all natural fly spray, and limiting the use of chemicals in and on them will optimize their health and yours.

To keep those irritating flies away and your horse comfortable, try BodyGuard® fly spray and FaceGuard® all natural fly spray today!

Andrea Chapman
Specializing in Natural, Effective Remedies

U.S. Distributor for Groom's Choice Natural Products



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