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Want The Competitive Edge?

DON'T Tell The Competition!

Ever wonder how some competitors NEVER seem to have a problem with lameness or sore muscles and always seem to have the competitive edge?

Ever wonder WHY? Or HOW they do it?

I will let you in on a little-known secret in the horse industry. If you want the competitive edge, it's as easy as applying a liniment.

How does that give them the competitive edge? As you know, many horses become tense prior to a competition. Muscles become tight, restricting their capacity for optimum usage.

Applying a liniment BEFORE a competition containing witch hazel, chamomile and comfrey will ease any muscle tension without affecting the competitive drive. It relaxes the muscles so that they can be used and stretched to their fullest capacity AND prevents injuries!

Treating your horse with a liniment AFTER the competition with a liniment that contains butcher's broom, daisy, arnica, cayenne, horse chestnut and rue will treat any pain or muscle soreness and also any ligament or tendon strain and strengthen blood vessels.

Chapman's Premium has all of the above-mentioned non-testing herbal remedies to help your horse reach their optimum performance. By applying a liniment over their entire body, your equine partner will be able to reach their peak performance, each and every time.


Andrea Chapman
Specializing in Natural, Effective Remedies
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