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-All Natural Pain Relief in a spray liniment

All Natural Pain Relief in a spray liniment
Stifle Area

All Natural Pain Relief in a spray liniment
Shoulder Area

Chapman's Premium Healing Liniment  

FAST AID Therapy Blanket

Introducing the First and Fast Aid to Your Horse's Injuries!

Have you ever had to cold-hose a shoulder, back, or stifle injury? Time-consuming isn't it? And who likes to stand around for 20 minutes twice a day, soaking horse injuries in lousy weather? I don't know about you, but I certainly don't - and my horse isn't crazy about it, either!

After a few years, I decided that I'd had enough of cold-hosing horse injuries, and looked for something that would ice those hard-to-treat and horse injury prone places. And guess what?! I couldn't find anything that was a simple solution!

Oh yes, there were lots of different "therapeutic" blankets - even one you put in your freezer. I don't have enough room in my freezer for a blanket, and certainly not one out in the barn!

There were magnets at an exorbitant price, and various other blankets - all at outrageous prices. But worst of all, they weren't user friendly!

So I decided I would make my own. It's such a simple design, I can't believe other companies haven't thought of it! And you know what I thought? Do these companies even HAVE horses? Have they ever had to deal with horse injuries?

Does your horse have a sore back? Just put the Fast Aid Therapy Blanket on, slip one or two ice or hot packs into the pockets, leave the horse in the stall or cross ties for 20 minutes, while you do something else - and Voila! - Your horse injury is treated, your horse is comfortable, and both of you are much happier.

Is it a stifle injury that is an issue? Just put on the Fast Aid Therapy Blanket, slide an ice or hot pack into the pocket for 20 minutes, and once again - you can do something else for 20 minutes - or simply spend some quality time with them without getting soaked!

Hmm, you say - how can a blanket be snug enough to treat the stifle? Well that's the beauty of the Fast Aid Therapy Blanket! It has a belly band that keeps the blanket snug against the horse so that the ice pack is held firmly against the stifle area.

Does your horse suffer from sore shoulders? Slip an ice or hot pack into the shoulder pocket for 20 minutes - go do something else - and you and your horse are good to go!

Had colic surgery? Put the Fast Aid Therapy Blanket on, put an ice pack in the pocket on the belly band, and ease the swelling and discomfort.

The Fast Aid Therapy Blanket is made from a strong poly-cotton blend, and is breathable and completely washable. It has an adjustable velcro closing at the front, and elastic leg straps with adjustable velcro at each leg to hold the blanket snugly in place. The belly band is also held in place by velcro, making it easy to adjust.

More good news - the blanket comes in various sizes AND colors to accommodate you and your horse!

What else do you want in a therapeutic blanket? You will save time, have convenience, the right size, functional, easily accessible and multi-colors! What more could you want?

"BUT WHAT'S THE PRICE?" you say .... and I'll bet you're thinking, "here it comes - the justification of an outrageous cost!"

Well, how much do you pay for a regular horse blanket? What if I was to tell you that for the price of a regular horse blanket, you can get a therapeutic blanket that will last you for years! AND it comes with two ice packs for your convenience!

Yes, that's right. For $299.00 (plus shipping), you can treat your horses injuries more often AND you can treat them BEFORE they become a huge problem. Because cold-hosing is so inconvenient, how many times have you put it off, or not done it for the required amount of time?

Buy your Fast Aid Therapy Blanket today, and receive a FREE 16 oz bottle of Chapman's Premium All Natural Horse Liniment - the liniment that helps heal your horse!

A word of caution - the blanket is NOT intended for turnout use. It is strictly intended for use in a controlled and supervised environment.



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