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Horse Liniment Spray bottles in two sizes

120 ml (4 oz) - $21.97 U.S.

475 ml(16 oz)- $35.97 U.S.

Horse Liniment Spray bottles in two sizes

Save $70!!!

3.8L ( 1 gal) - $249.97 US
each gal = 8 x 16oz btls.

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Chapman's Premium Equine Liniment  

How to Use Horse Liniment for People

Horse liniments have been used for decades to treat aches and pains in humans, and have been thought to be superior to human liniments.

How to Use Horse Liniment for People by Ehow infers that Chapman's Premium contains ingredients that are not safe for human use. Although this may be true of other horse liniments, and it is wise to check ingredients, Chapman's Premium has a full list of it's ingredients here .

Chapman's has always used only human-grade ingredients for it's formula, and initially was tested on Andrea Chapman (the originator) before ever using it on her horses.

Although horse liniments do not undergo FDA testing, Chapman's Premium horse liniment users can rest assured that all ingredients are listed and of human-grade quality. Every single ingredient has undergone the strictest of testing through Health Canada and the FDA, and continues to undergo strict regulation.

EHow infers that Chapman's Premium may contain DMSO or other undesirable ingredients. To my knowledge, ehow has never checked the ingredients of Chapman's Premium horse liniment, never used the product, nor have they ever contacted me in regards to the ingredients.

When purporting to be an expert, one should ensure that one's information is accurate and one should have complete knowledge of the named products. Without accurate information, one simply discredits themselves, proving their complete lack of expertise, knowledge, integrity and ethics.


1. Ensure the horse liniment's ingredients are safe for human use and contain natural herbs. Caution is needed when using essential oils, as some essential oils can adversely affect the human system. Avoid any horse liniment that contains DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide). Personally, I've refused to use DMSO even on my horses, as it's absorbed into the blood stream immediately, and is very hard on the liver. It's original use was that of an industrial solvent. Enough said.

2. Make sure the area is clean and free of any moisturizers (creams and lotions). The reason for this is that moisturizers (lotions, creams) have an emulsifier in them and put a block on your skin, preventing it from absorbing what you want and need to be absorbed - the pain relievers.

3. Apply and gently massage the horse liniment into your skin to relieve the pain of arthritis, sore muscles and joints. Avoid getting the horse liniment in mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth).

4. Horse liniment may be applied two to three times a day, or in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.


If using Chapman's Premium Horse liniment for human use, unlike other horse liniments, there is no limit on the number of times per day it can be used. It has an accumulatory effect, and after a short period of time will build up in your system to keep your pain away for longer and longer periods of time.

It does not contain any DMSO, phenoxyethanol or any other toxic or animal grade ingredients. Check ingredient list here .



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